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Dougie MacDonald

For most of my life I have found it very hard to settle down into one place where routine dominates, any chance I got I was away for weeks on end sea kayaking the West Coast of Scotland. When Trish and I got together we spent a lot of time looking for a home for ourselves but nothing ever seemed to be right, either wrong location or wrong building. During a trip canoeing the Azores with a good friend I met a Canadian couple who were living full time aboard a small yacht. I suggested looking for a yacht to Trish instead of a house, she never hesitated, 5 years later we got Orla 🙂

We jumped aboard and taught ourselves as we went.

Still learning………..


Orla is our Lafitte 44 designed by Bob Perry, this was his 100th design, his 99th design being the Hans Christian, (which just shows the calibre of his designs) two very beautifull cruising yachts designed to take you anywhere in safety and comfort. We bought Orla in November 2006 instead of buying a house and lived and travelled on her for over eight years. We now have a wee wooden cottage on the NW coast of Scotland to call home and to give us a base. We will continue to travel and spend time on Orla.

Short stories, videos & photos of these journeys will be added to the site as we travel.

Short stories by Trish – Art work by Dougie – Photography/Videos both of us.

Trish MacDonald

I love words and pictures, I yearn for peace, quiet & wildness. I need to be amongst nature and find joy in the simplest of treasures, like seashells or driftwood, paw prints & feathers.

Sometimes life just gets in the way of living if that makes sense, and its at times like these when Orla wraps herself around us and gives us space we yearn for. To sail in silence with only the wind for company is just the perfect remedy and for me its the best time to write, to point the lens at something thats made us look twice or to just be at one with our surrroundings.

I’ve never sailed before finding Orla, I’m definitely still learning, every day ia a school day…..

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